Why do people get sick? – 2 Reasons

Why do people get sick?

People get sick for two very simple reasons: Mind and/or body.

When your mind is sick or cannot escape of what it thinks is a cornered situation your body also feels sick or can gets sick/troubled through actions based on your state of mind, for example when you’re stressed out; you could easily take actions that could injure yourself or when people are depressed, they could easily have suicidal thoughts.

Depression is not so simple it may not be easily explained to people who have never suffered from depression. Depression is not necessarily a psychological problem.

There are people who do not suffer from depression and still suffers from depression. Depression can be a physical problem (i.e. is a problem you eat/sleep) and a spiritual problem.

My Own Experience With Depression

My own experience of depression was for the first four years I was going through depression I never really knew I was depressed, I was in and out of my own little world of depression (I have been going through depression now for four years) and then I met up with God when I was suffering the most for almost a whole month. There was no other reason for my depression than I suddenly noticed I was having trouble breathing.

But as I kept talking to God and kept receiving the Word of God I kept becoming better for it. I was no longer in pain, I was no longer in depression.

I Noticed The Pain Going Away

I noticed the pain going away when I was concentrating on God and keeping listening to the Word of God. It was the same way when I was depressed I was in and out of my own little world of depression and when I was in God’s presence I would be free from depression.

Depression is like a black cloud hanging over you when you are going through your darkest time. You have no idea why you are in depression, but at the same time you feel no one understands and you feel most people will laugh at you.

But that’s okay, because God understands and God is your strength and God will help you conquer depression.

I was no longer in depression, because I discovered God. The depression was a blind wall hanging over me, and through his Word and the support of family and friends I discovered God and conquered depression.

You Need A Strong Role Model To Get Out Of Depression

This is just my personal experience, but in the past few years I have come to realize that God doesn’t just show up and disappear, he’s a hard working man and he knows exactly what you are going through and he’ll show you the way out.

How? By giving you a strong character who will guide you through, until you discover the only way you need to go.

There’s a strong character in Scripture who guides David through the thick of the battle and who will guide Peter through the thick of the battle. There’s a strong character in Scripture who will guide us through the thick of the battle and will guide us out of depression and into God’s presence.

I believe the Bible is God’s word and He only uses strong characters to teach us. I believe strong characters will help us learn more quickly, because they will encourage us to keep going, to persevere and to persevere!

I’ve studied a lot of psychology, but I’ve never studied a lot of the psychology of Scripture before. So I’m still learning, but what I’m learning has confirmed what I already thought.

I already knew that all the stress that we endure comes from within, but I hadn’t really studied stress from within. However I did know that anxiety comes from without, but I hadn’t researched the psychology of the outside world either.

Why Do People Get Sick: Despair

What I’ve studied is how God uses despair to help us learn more quickly. I also studied the psychology of despair to help us see the futility of continuing. If depression is a character, despair is a motivator! It will push us to push through the pain and take our medicine.

I believe the pain inside our hearts will force us to realise that we’re in a thick fog and inside it we feel helpless. We’ll see that there’s no way out of that fog. Yet on the other side, there is a door leading to Heaven.

We will push through that pain to see the door! The pain will push us to realise that God can do anything He wants to do, even if we can’t do anything to help Him do it.

The pain will drive us to realise that it’s not about us, but about God’s will. We’ll learn that what’s good for us is good for us, and what’s bad for us is bad for us.

We’ll learn that everything comes from God’s wise and loving direction. We’ll learn that we’re not stuck but mobile. We’ll learn that nothing good is impossible for God. We’ll learn that we have a goal and we have a destination in dealing with our problems. We’ll learn that we’re not useless or helpless, but we can only do what God’s called us to do.

We’ll learn that we’re powerless and we’re meant to be helpless! We’ll learn that we can do anything we set our minds to doing. The pain will drive us to reach for it!

And so we’ll push through the pain to the other side. We’ll push through the fog. We’ll see the door! And if we push hard enough, we might even find it open for us!

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